GERMA Smart Home Wireless Touch Switch Light Electrical 433Mhz Remote Control Glass Screen Wall Panel Button Receiver Led Lamp

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the controller product parameters

1, working voltage: AC85-240V 60HZ/50HZ
2, working frequency: 433.92MHZ
3, the total load power:
4, receiving sensitivity: -108dBM
5, working method: wireless remote control
6, coding method: learning code
7, modulation method: ASK
8, working temperature: -10 deg C ~ +70 deg C
9, size: 72 * 38 * 26 (mm)
10.The controller has a memory function, remembers the state before the power was turned off

Wireless switch parameters:

1.HD tempered glass
2, working voltage: DC 3V
3, working frequency: 433.92MHZ
4. Transmitting power:
5. Remote control distance:
6, working method: wireless remote control
7, coding method: learning code
8, modulation method: ASK
9, working temperature: -10 deg C ~ +70 deg C
10, size: 86 * 86 * (mm)
11.standard battery,Cr2032 battery, ((Does not contain battery))

Pairing signal:

1. Press and hold the controller for 3 seconds to enter the code matching mode (the code indicator light flashes 5 times). At this time, press the wireless switch 2 times and wait for 2 seconds. The code is successful (the default is always on);

clear the signal

Press and hold the controller for 10 seconds to clear the code (the code indicator flashes 10 times);

Avoid Darkness and Save Energy

Turn the lights on in advance to avoid darkness. Turn off the lights after leaving, save energy

More convenient and smarter

We recommend multiple products to buy, more convenient at home

Working principle

Input and output intermediate access controller. Wireless switch control current is turned off and on at 433 MHz

Remote control distance 100m

Controlling 1 lamp from multiple places

Drawer box design

Cr2032 Battery , easy to replace the battery The service life is about 12 months. Life and frequency of use are related. Time may be longer (Does not contain battery)

Luminous fluorescent strip

Middle of the night, do not worry about finding the switch

Drop resistance design

Protective housing,four-corner arc transition, buffer protection

Large panel

It is more convenient because it is bigger

Passed CE, fcc ,RoHs certification,


1. professional electrician should operate this product. When powering on, do not touch the antenna. Install this product without opening the protective cover

2.This controller will not be available if a wall switch with RF function is installed at home. Otherwise the function will be affected. Just need to buy a separate wireless switch

3. Do not operate with power. Turn off the power supply and operate it. If the test is confirmed to be correct, use it under the guidance of a professional electrician.

4. When the voltage of the remote control is insufficient, please change the battery in time (the remote control distance becomes closer when the remote control battery voltage is insufficient).

5. When using wireless electronic products, care should be taken to avoid metal masks, large electronic devices, electromagnetic fields, etc., which have strong interference sources, to avoid remote control and short receiving distance or to work normally.

6. Do not use this electronic product abnormally. Abnormal use will reduce product performance and longevity. In severe cases, damage to the product will also pose a safety hazard.

Additional information

Brand Name









1 year



Weite Entfernung

Up to 100m (theoretical distance)

Controller Operating Voltage

AC 85V-240V 110V 220V 60HZ/50HZ

Controller working frequency


Controller Maximum power

less than1000W

Controller Receiving sensitivity


Controller Operating temperature

-10 elsius~+70 Celsius

wireless switch working frequency


wireless switch Transmit power

less than 10mW

wireless switch Remote control distance

Up to 100m (theoretical distance)

wireless switch Coding method

Learning Code EV 1527

wireless switch battery

CR2032 Alkaline Battery ( Not Included Battery)

wireless switch Modulation


Feature 1

Led Light Lamp Switch, Home Security Alarm System

Feature 2

Garage Doors Access Control System

Feature 3

For 433Mhz RF Receiver 1527 EV1527 Learning Code Button

Feature 4

Car Sunroofs Control, Mando Garaje

Feature 5

Electronic Gates Access Control System, Electrical Appliances Control

Feature 6

Caring for the elderly, children, women, pregnant women

Feature 7

Fluorescent strip design, luminous

Feature 8

touch wireless switch

Feature 9

Drop resistance design, four-corner arc transition

Feature 10

Wet hands can also touch

Feature 11

HD Crystal Glass

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GERMA Smart Home Wireless Touch Switch Light Electrical 433Mhz Remote Control Glass Screen Wall Panel Button Receiver Led Lamp 1

GERMA Smart Home Wireless Touch Switch Light Electrical 433Mhz Remote Control Glass Screen Wall Panel Button Receiver Led Lamp

$7.95$8.95 (-10%)

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